T-shirt of the Month Club  [ 12-Month Subscription ]
T-shirt of the Month Club  [ 12-Month Subscription ]

T-shirt of the Month Club [ 12-Month Subscription ]

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Urban Octopus T-shirt of the Month Club: (TSOTMC)

When you subscribe to the TSOTMC you will receive one new T-shirt every month from either our newest designs that have been released or from our limited edition library...all tees are of the highest quality blends...we hand print each T-shirt just for you...and it's delivered right to your door!! Yep! ...a little happy T-shirt surprise every month!   ALSO! ...to show a little love back to you I always add a few little extra surprises throughout the year...this makes for a really cool gift!!  any questions just text me...619-850-8225 or send me an e-mail jere@urbanoctopus.com


This means each shirt is printed just for you! This sometime takes a bit longer...we do our best to ship your tee(s) within 2 weeks if not sooner... If for some reason we skip a month in production, we do our best to get caught up and double up the next month....no mater what you will receive all 12 tees through the year subscription....

TSOTMC ships once a month usually around the 18th of each month this applies to all subscribers...so if you placed an order for the TSOTMC, your first tee will ship within 2 weeks, after that your tees will ship around the 18th of each month.

Note* Sizes XXL and XXXL add $10.00 per subscription for slight extra cost due to size...

International T-Shirt of the Month Club orders will be shipped in one shipment with all 6 or 12 shirts depending on your selection. T-Shirts will not come each month, but as a single shipment.  

T-shirt of the Month Club  [ 12-Month Subscription ]